2009: Clothing Customer Service and Company Culture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The company has developed and maintain its website effectively in order to update the customers with the brand offerings of the customers as the majority of the order customer placed by using the website of the company. Moreover, the company with the help of its website provide detailed information about the explanation of each of its product offering that allows the customer to make easily buying assessments. Aswell, the company has also built call center in order to provide the detail about the products where CLT members help the customers to overcome their problems and queries throughout the process of buying.

The company has developed and evolve its business operations according to the necessities and requirements of the customers. In addition to this, the company has purchased the Kiva Mobile Fulfillment system in order to control footstool sized robots that stimulated inventory around the warehouse. The LPN label is given to each product that enter into the warehouse that reveals the entire history of an item from the customer who received it to and when they returned it. The Universal Product Code (UPC) connected to an LPN means that the product type, size, color, style and other attributed with the LPN.

To provide the highest quality products and excellent user experience, the company has been continuously involved with the customer during the complete buying decision making process  in order to build a long term relationship with them and help them to overcome their problems. The company evaluation system based upon the feedback from the customer that it used to improve and enhance the functions of its business. As, the customers write blogs and letters related to their experience with the company as well as upload testimonials videos on the website of the company.

The company had constantly enhance the operation of the business in order to meet the expectations of the customers by providing a wide range of different products. The company has pursued various additional lines of the business and expand into other categories than shoe where the customers showed interest. It has expanded its business into the athletic apparel and clothing categories as well as modified its operations of the warehouse to enable it to the process of clothing.

The company retained thePBZ (Zappos Introduced Powered) sites for the manufacturers that includes both footwear and non-footwear in order to keep the websites for the other companies. Initially the company has been dependent upon the manufactures in order to ship their orders, but later it began to switch from having the manufactures in order to directly ship the products to its customers so, that the customers have quality service experience with the company.

The company has developed the culture that enables all the members of the company to work effectively in order to achieve the overall objectives of the company. As well, the companyhires those people who are happy as it is very vital to have happiercustomers. In addition to this, everyone in Zappos plays a significant role in developing and supporting the culture of the company.

Zappos has various core competencies that help the company to distinguish itself from other online retailers in the industry and these values also become the source of competitive advantage. The strong corporate culture of the Zappos serves as a major source of the competitive advantage. The culture of the company has differentiated it from the other companies in the industry and gave Zappos a competitive advantage over other online retailers as it is not possible to copy its unique culture.

Zappos has continuously spent money on the things that allow them to improve the experience of the customers rather than on the marketing of their offerings. Furthermore, Zappos has its own highly capable and customer oriented call centers that provides 24 hour services in order to answer the queries of the customers that they cannot find using the Zappos website.

Additionally, it provides fast customer services that include free shipping, availability of special sizes, wide selection of brands and consumer friendly interface is another main source of the competitive advantage. However, the most of the growth of the company comes due to its strong culture and huge importance on customer services. The highly flexible and easy return policy of the company with the free shipping is another source of the competitive advantage for the Zappos as it helps the company to continuously enhance and improve its brand offerings.

Zappos providesdetailed online information about the detail description of the wide range of products that allow the customers easily categorize their desired product that also help the company to place itself different from other competing companies.....................................

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