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PROJECT CHARTER                               

Project Title Regency Plaza Design
Description Regency Plaza Design for the Disabled
Sponsor Kelly & Miller
Project Manager Hodgkin
Date 3-Dec-2015


 Improve Building’s design so that it could provide greater facilities to the customers with disabilities and to compete more effectively.
 An element of the American with Disabilities Act
 Component of a healthy and safety
 Renovation and construction according to the Act of Disabilities
 Restore the reputation of the building in the eyes of local community
 Lay the foundation for the creation of brand image for disabilities


 Complete renovation and construction of the ground according to the Americans with Disabilities Act
 Hire Skillful and determinant staff in order to provide greater customer care to disabilities.
 Create goal congruence between employees and organization in order to achieve corporate objectives
 The hotel is to open for business by the end of July of this year
 Purpose of the project to create a co-operative culture that includes regular recognition and feedback


 A number of structures have to locate along the project
 Impact of the structure is extremely high upon the project
 Funding for this project covers the estimated cost
 Chances of phase construction is high with respect to the available funding


Name Description

Goals Organisational goals to be achived within first two years of the opening
Customers Satisfaction Property should achieve more than 90% satisfaction ratting among disabilities which could be identified through survey forms
Occupancy rate Occupancy rate should be more than 80% throughout the year
Profitability Property should achieve maximum profit margin which could be set through bench marking the largest competitor
Ratting The hotel should achieve three star ratting within the first years of its operations
Visitors rate Hotel visitors rate should be more than 30-40% throughout the year
expectations Property should fulfill the expectations of its stakeholders even they are connected through the property or not in order to enhance corporate image
Customer turnover rate Customer turnover rate should be low
Employees retention rate Employees retention rate should be high


Name Description

Design Concept Report Project Charter Shoud include design concept report
Technical Studies Review of key technical studies and reports
Existing Conditions Review of existing conditions and key available resources
Corridor Development Approach Property should establish corridor development approach rather than focusing on roadway.........................

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