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 Discuss your views with respect to the adequacy of communication between Dr. Wells and his department colleagues.



The communication practice in the hillside hospitaldepicts anambiguous network of communication. Since after the establishment of the Practice pal and proposal of new salaryregulations, Dr.Wellshas been inactive in communicating the main reason behind the change and made the other participants (doctor) to perceive the change the way they want it to be. This lead to ineffective understanding of the root cause of the change and created hindrance and reluctance among the doctors inaccepting the change. In addition, the change in strategic plan also lead to high turnover, as many doctors perceived the change as a dishonor and a way of getting more share from doctors’ income.

Also, Dr.Wellsfailed to outline the loss statement, the department has been facing, which may hurt the future sustainability of the department.Not only this, Dr.Wellsalso failed to design a communication platform which could discussesthefruitful results of theunified computerized central billingsystem, and how the system would benefit the doctors. All these factors lead to resistance among the doctors in accepting new salaryplan, and billing system.

 Are there alternatives besides the group practice idea that may have allowed Dr. Wells to achieve the departmental objective without the problems he encountered?


Other Alternatives

Dr. Wellscould have developed a proportionalsalary system, under which each doctor will be liable to share certain amount of income with the hospital once it reaches the particular number of patients in a day or a month. Theweightage of share should be set according to the quota or number of patients each type of doctor deal with. Since some doctors treat more patientscomparatively to other doctors and the patient fee also differs with type of disease, an integrated precise plan should have been developed,that allows each doctor to earn handsome amount of salary and also allowing them to share with the hospital at a justified level.

By doing this, Dr. Wells would have controlled the resistance by justifying the income sharing with hospital, Since the doctors utilize the hospital domain in dealing with the patients, the income sharing could have been justified, making the doctors makes as much money as they want, and sharing the income only once it reached certainlevel. This would have allowed the doctors to remain working in an uncontrolled environment, along with the resolution of the financial losses to the Clinical department by increased cash flow from the doctors. In addition, since the resistance would have been lowered, the idea of central billing system would have been easily accepted and implementedin the hospital, making the plan work with great Efficiency.

Could the problems encountered with the introduction of the central billing system have been avoided or at least minimized?


Central Billing


Yes, the problem of misalignment between the department and fetching the right information, would have been resolved by developing an integrated computerizedsystem. In doing so, the first procedure should be training the doctors on the use of the computerized systemand connectingthesystemwith main hub server, which fetches the results in a short period of time, allowing the doctors to check the visits and patientsfees. In addition to this, the automated patient numbersshould begenerated, whichkeep the files and caser, number of visitrecord of the patient in the server of the system and with one click brings all the history and fees structure in front of doctor.Also, since the patient numbers would be associatedwith each type of disease and the doctor dealingwith it, the management would have been able to analyze the incomeeach doctor is makingin a continual base by clicking the doctor name in the billing system. The action would have minimized the dependency of the management on doctors to file the income, andwould haveturned the game other way round, making the management to forecast the cash flows effectively....................

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