Remarkable Mind: Henry (Hank) Fossey PhD (I) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Fossey, the prime horticultural researcher and expert in turf science based Turf Technologies, a firm that performs commercial research lawn. On the first contract, which provided Fossey, he was paid a consulting fee of $ 45,000 in six months. Now Fossey was asked Bryant of remarkable paint Co. to assist in developing an alternative formulation for removable paint, which is environmentally friendly and suitable for artificial turf and grass, and is expected to provide $ 85,000 consulting fee for the six-month contract with the remarkable Paint. "Hide
by Melissa Thomas Hunt Source: Darden School of Business 4 pages. Publication Date: March 10, 2011. Prod. #: UV5840-PDF-ENG

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Remarkable Mind: Henry (Hank) Fossey PhD (I)

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