Rhetoric Essay on Julius Caesar Play by Shakespeare Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Persuasion Method of Antony

In contrast to Brutus style of persuading his audience, his speeches have exhibited sophistic style. His oratory had been more cunning and artful than that of Brutus. The way he had spoken to crowd seemed to be that he was a seasoned and skillful politician who play, casts and eventually reels in his catch successfully. The speeches of Antony were longer than Brutus and they were quite effective as well. His had claimed that his speech would not disprove what has been said by Brutus, which is not true because he had intended to disapprove Brutus and praise Caesar. He had started seemingly to support words and deeds of Brutus, also displayed that Brutus had one of the honorable man, but over the period of time, his speech had become peppered with notions and suggestions that silently served to undermine and shake the faith of audience in Brutus. In addition, Antony’s mix of unaffected emotions and sarcasm had allowed the audience to listen what he had not said, by doing so, he had tapped into the psychology of crowd and motivated them to do what seems to be conflicting of what he said. Additionally, it was not audience who had compelled Antony to read the will of Caesar, rather, it had Antony who compelled the audience, to sum up, and he had played on the pathos of crowd.

Persuasion Method of Cassius

Unlike Brutus and Antony, Cassius had more persuasion in his strong and influential speeches, he had used more than 3 artistic proofs. Cassius had used both ethos and logos frequently, in order to convince or persuade others, while Brutus had used only Logos and Antony have used pathos. He had used logical appeals like Caesar by stating to the audience that, “I was born free, we were not only fed but also, we can endure the winter cold as he”, this is one of the example of Caesar while he had used logical appeal in order to persuade Brutus so that he would be ready to follow with the Caesar’s murder (Aristotle).

In conclusion, it is to say that persuasion had appeared in numerous forms of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, either in the form of deception, flattery or the rhetoric art. They all have been used to sway the Roman people’s mind. Cassius had deceived and persuaded the noble Brutus into conspiracy, whereas, Brutus has been blinded by sly deception and patriotism (Harrington).........


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