Delamere Vineyard Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Delamere Vineyard is a small, integrated wine business in Tasmania, specializing in Pinot Noir (red) and Chardonnay (white) wine. Richard Richardson, owner and winemaker Delamere, directs and manages the vineyard and the winery pretty much alone. Its products have won praise and awards in the past, but Richardson is constantly striving to improve. Delamere competes in the high price segment where quality is paramount. Richardson is well equipped, as winemaker - with a Ph.D. in agricultural chemistry and 15 years of experience - but he is faced with two problems of quality and improvement opportunities. He also is under pressure value. Customers and industry experts give conflicting advice. At the material time, Richardson has a choice of three potential projects to improve quality: the development of effective means to prevent oxidation during the maturation of wine, implementation tools and deepen the color of the wine of experiments to find the best combination of berries and stems during fermentation. Consideration of these options shows that they mean an emphasis on the quality of the different concepts and different ways to improve. They also offer a variety of opportunities for long term growth. "Hide
by Jonathan West Source: Harvard Business School 21 pages. Publication Date: February 2, 1998. Prod. #: 698051-PDF-ENG

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