Lexar Media: The Digital Photography Company? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lexar Media: The Digital Photography Company? Case Solution

Strength of Lexar

Lexar was established in 1996. It has progressed with a differentiation strategy in the market. It has focused on its competitive advantage in digital photography. The focus on the digital film has led Lexar towards efficiency in the storage of clicks. It has been very beneficial for Lexar to maintain its core competency in accommodating digital films. This is the reason that the professional photographers prefer to become Lexar’s customers. Laxer is a leading brand in the professional segment due to its speedy performance in providing its product.

Due to changes in the preferences of the consumers, it got numerous advantages in the analog. Most modern cameras now contain an LCD screen. Through the screen, video makers can easily preview the shots taken immediately after the click. Therefore, with the flash storage in cameras, unsatisfactory images can be shot again, which does not lead to wastage of film unlike the cameras.

Furthermore, it facilitated consumers to share their photos online through email or other photo sharing websites. Digital films let the consumer download the images from their personal computer. They can also edit the photos; forever, the can reduce the effects of redeye. Previously, this facility was only available to professional photographers who used Adobe Photoshop.

  1. What actions did Lexar take to make this strength more relevant within the digital photography market?

Strategies of Lexar

Product line

Lexar expanded its digital photography offers by adding software like Shoot & Share, a photo editing website Printroom.com; moreover, it also developed an educational and community building site for the use of digital photography called SayCheese.com, Lexar acquired printroom.com in 1999. Users of Printroom.com were able to upload their pictures on Printroom.com, this activity allowed them to share their images in live chat rooms.

The services of Printroom.com enhanced in 2001 when the professional photographers started contributing to their website. The professional photographers used to share their photos on the chat room and the users could order images from the website. These photographers could be hired for the specific events like weddings; the services of photographers were valued a lot. Furthermore, SayCheese.com was launched in 2000; this website was based on education of the digital imaging. The people who were interested in the information relevant to photography were able to get information of digital photography through product reviews and how to tips. This community helped the consumers who were interested in digital photography.

Lexar also launched another product in 2000, Shoot & Share. Shoot & Share had the features that allowed the user to edit, name, and share digital photos. Printroom.com contained a link of the Shoot & Room that allowed users to order high quality prints. There was also a package of free Shoot & Share, which Lexar used to give alongside their high capacity digital film.

Lexar formed flash drives and increased their storages as the demand of the flash memories for digital camera increased. These storages were available to the different outlets from where photographers and other common users can buy flash drives according to their needs. The company was selling directly to its customers. Hence, Lexar was supposedly focused towards “push strategy”

Distribution Channels

However, all of its developments focused on digital photography. In order to increase its sales, Laxer established its channels of distribution. It used Walmart, Wolf Camera, CompUSA, and Best Buy as its retail outlets. The specialty of Lexar’s products was its original manufacturing and state-to-the-art advancement along technologies. Lexar manufactured its products according to the needs of a modern camera.................

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