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In general, what are behaviors, factors, characteristics and/or traits determine superior performance? Explain why each is important.


Most of the individuals working in a team have been observed to report that it is fun, exciting and satisfying to work on collaborative or collective teams, as there are more chances of every single individual contributing their maximum to the common goal. Team work not only increases the efficiency levels of the results produced by the team, but it also increases the accuracy level of an individuals working standards. Working towards organizational goals as an individual and as a team not only increases their output efficiency but it helps them tremendously in learning along the way.

Operations of any organization are heavily dependent upon their employees and how much they are embedded with the goals of the organization. Un-satisfied employees can never enhance the quality of the organization’s bottom line, instead they can have an opposite affect over the results generate by the organization.

The characteristic of superior performance that should exist within the employees are as follows;

1. Solid Trust:

People who are members of the team or employees of the organization should be having complete faith in their working partners or colleagues with respect to the target they have been assigned with. The people should have solid and deep trust over the team’s abilities, capabilities and willingness towards achieving the team’s goal and purpose. The members of the organization are derived on a higher level for achieving the designated goals within the mentioned time frame in order to contribute to the success of the company.

2. Free Flow of Ideas:

Employees of any organization belong to a number of educational and cultural backgrounds. The way of thinking is different of every employee and a number of employees would be having some marvelous ideas for taking care of the solutions.The workforce of the organization is allowed to freely share their ideas and how they think they can better contribute to the organization for tackling and countering the issue or concern being faced by the organization. Free flow of ideas efficiently helps the organization in dealing with the issues, and not only it helps them in dealing with problems but it also creates a sense of importance for the employees. They perceive this process as their input to the organization being valued and listened.

3. Same Goals:

The company puts in a lot of effort and capital in analyzing the best and the most suitable strategy for implementation across the corporation. The goals stated by the organization are integrated to all the departments of the organization and the employees are well communicated regarding their part in the process of attaining the organizational goals. The employees of the organization are working towards the same goals on a macro level and not from the goals mentioned and aimed by the company. The employees of the organization working towards the same goals lead to an increase in the chances for the company and in increasing their chances with achieving their objectives.

4. Performance Goals:

Employees of the organization are well informed regarding their individual goals and how they would be contributing to the organization goals of the corporation. The efficiency of the employees with respect to their individual goals adequately affects the capability of the organization towards achieving their organizational goal. Every employee of the organization understands and is well-aware of their team goals

5. Leadership:

Leadership of the organization plays an important role in the success of any company. The leadership style at an organization should be democratic and the leader should value the inputs from his employees, rather than playing a dominant role in the hierarchy. The employees feel comfortable in sharing their opinion with their leaders or managers. Comfortable interaction with the leaders and the managers of the organization increases the level of ideas being shared by the employees of the organization......................

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