California closet: organizing the customer experience Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

California closet: organizing the customer experience Case Study Solution

1- Team NPS:

The best organization have best and exceptional talent. It is ranked on first because it ensures the effective communication between employee and employer, drive happiness and employee engagement. The feedback from team is significant to hit the key improvement areas for the future. The company cannot improve customer NPS as long as Team NPS goes in the right direction. The engaged employees are supposed to be enthusiastic about their company and their work. They paly crucial role in creating the customer promoters.

2- Consult NPS

The consult NPS survey holds significant importance in identifying and evaluating the reason of why the company has been receiving complaints from customer about the company started too early in taking recommendation and customer feedback.  Due to the excessively early survey, the comments have reduced and survey response rate has increased. The company can go backward to do some adjustments in order to maximize market share.

3- Customer NPS

California Closet have introduced the customer NPS In order to get out of recession by structuring strategy. The customer feedback from customers have allowed the company to transit the growth oriented strategy. Since the company has pondered to expand the customer base, it had to use NPS to focus on its loyal customers. It has successfully measured the willingness of customer to feedback and recommended the product or service of company to others. It has been used with the intent of gauging the overall satisfaction of customer with the company’ service or product as well as the loyalty of customers to the brand.

 4- Lost prospect and future customer NPS

The company has hired sales manager in different locations in order to identify the reduced selling of brand. By measuring the NPS of those customer who have declined to buy from California Closet, the company has successfully analyzed various reasons behind reduced sales of company which includes; the customer find California closet an expensive brand, they though taking recommendation and feedback is too early to reach any decision, many location have not done anything with feedback, unmatched mentality of sales manager. Combining all these, the company have presumably analyzed the situation and structure is strategy to expand customer base and to increase profit returns.

 Firm mine NPS scores and feedback to help attract new millennial customers

Notably, millennials are most significant age group that helps to push trend in another direction. They tend to be driven by the quest of experience. Exclusively, millennials usually relies on the mobile devices in order to get online. The company should be well aware about the value adds and pricing, because they are hyper aware of pricing. In addition to this, the compare prices of the similar products and make decision, so the company should offer exceptional quality product at the competitive price.

Also, the millennials are intrigued by the innovation in design, the company should also embrace and understand the power of the digital marketing for the purpose of attracting the attention of millennials. They are likely to read user reviews and research items online before they venture in-store in order to check them out. Also they are likely to order online eliminating or reducing the shipping cost, while simultaneously satisfy millennial’s desire for immediacy. Additionally, the company should structure reward-based digital marketing strategy that would offer in-store discounts and special deals to them. Also the company should also use monthly incentives, motivates and encourage its customers to write online review as well as join mailing list so that the company would keep them aware of upcoming local sales and exclusive store events.

In addition to this, the artistic features and handmade items bring in personalization element that would appeal to many millennials. The company should introduce the unique price of art to millennials at affordable price with return policy. Artistic and colorful touch can be used by company because millennials are always in desire of having modern style. In short, the company should allow millennials to return item if they do not like it, they should be offered personal customer experience (Faris, 2015).

Organizational practices to create a great customer experience

California Closet should put its customer a top priority and at the core of its business. It should strive to enhance the customer experience by using customer data to understand their interest, buying behavior and engagement. It should identify the market opportunities to create product for its best customers. Also, the company can use customer lifetime value in order to segment its customers on the basis of the tip spending customers. The company can use marketing analytics reports on Facebook, Mix panel, AdWords and google analytics to receive the data about its target groups.

In addition to this, the company can create feedback loops – it can use real time feedback survey and post interaction as well as follow ups with customers for more details. The company should also be attentive on social media because that is the place where customers are tend to be most honest. The company can analyze the competition intensity in the market, potential threats and opportunities. It can use external and internal processes to get an overview of the competitor and market environment, thus make strategies and action plan accordingly. This in turn, would allow the company to do deep analysis of the business’ current state for creating the strategic objectives that would further help in implementing a customer experience (CX) strategy.

Also, the company should also optimize customer experience strategy by keeping in pace of its customer and gather information about the brand experience, product usage and design. Also, it should reward and compensate its employees and motivate them, uplift their morale in order to keep them engaged so that they would actively work to achieve the common objective of company. The company should foster commitment and understanding amongst employees of company (Yohn, 2018).

A better understanding of customers help to achieve greater organizational success

It is significant to have a closer look over which generation the company’s target market belongs to. There are different buying habits of baby boomers ad compared to millennials or X-Generation. The company should market X-Generation or millennials online, rather the company would not capture the greatest potential share of such demographic. Notably, the product should be design in such way that would appeal to specific group of customers otherwise, the company cannot maximize market share.

A better understanding of the targeted group’ income, age and generation would result in greater profitability, boosted performance and increased market share. A company can prior the targeted and personalization tactic of marketing. A demographic analysis also helps company in finding the gap in company’ marketing strategy. By understanding customer, the company can increase its marketing efforts to target those who are most likely to purchase. In addition to this, the company can stretch its marketing budget by going where the company can find its ideal customer. If the company is looking to target millennials, it would make sense to spend money on social media rather than direct mail marketing campaign. Also, by creating the profile of the company’ ideal customers, the company can delve deeper into that customer, preferences, taste, potential issues with product or service. In doing so, the company can create and improve the market opportunities to be explored (Mauboussin, 2012)..........


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