Cisco Systems and its Community Fellowship Program Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Program Evaluation

The Intent of the Program

The community fellowship program was intended to serve two major objectives, which include serving the employees that were laid off during the 2001 crisis and providing them the opportunity to get associated with the firm. Secondly, Cisco has been aiming to facilitate and help the non-profit organization in a much better way to enhance their operational activities. However, the major objective or the intent of the organization with this program as enlisted by the company has some clear objectives.

These objectives include educating the non-profit organizations to become efficient with internet and utilize the technology more efficiently. Secondly, the company aimed at developing new opportunities both for the company and the non-profit organization through this collaborative effort. Apart from that, the company also wanted to provide the employees a chance to be involved with the community and to benefit the employees as well as the non-profit organizations.

Furthermore, the company has been majorly intended to increase its knowledge of the non-profit sector and enhance its learning form the sector to initiate new objectives. The program objectives have been quiet clear and described in an appropriate manner by the company, which clearly exhibits the intent of the company and the positive outcomes the company desired to achieve through this program.

The Qualities

The program quality is to support the non-profit organizations and despite facing crisis in the industry, the company is aiming to achieve positive outcomes.

The program clearly exhibits the corporate philanthropy of the company and indicates the success that can be achieved through such initiates and leveraging corporate philanthropy in the long run. Furthermore, the program involves the key stakeholders of the company and the employees a chance to remain associated with the company and a hope to get associated completely with the firm. On the other hand, it also helps the employees to enhance their knowledge and increase their learning along with getting monetary benefits. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for the company to learn new opportunities and identify new areas to invest.


The key strengths of the program include the ability of the initiate to help the organization in sustaining the employees in one way or another by providing them the chance to stay associated with the company. Furthermore, the program allowed the firm to evaluate the success leveraging effective capabilities and tools of the company, which is the major strength of the program. On the other hand, it allows the employees and the organization to enhance their knowledge and completely apply that knowledge in helping an organization develop strong networks and become efficient.

On the other hand, the strong partnerships with the non-profit organizations help the company in placing the employees and develop a strong collaborative effort. Furthermore, this program has enabled the company to stay functional despite of the crises and urge for new opportunities and develop capabilities and partnerships to support the long term growth of the company. All these key attributes of the program have been quiet efficient and significant that can be utilized by the company and develop a more strong and effective approach in regards to technology enhancement and human resource development.


The weaknesses of this program are quiet apparent but very concerning factors despite the attractiveness of the program. The first and the major weakness is the limited approach of the program towards human resource development as it only caters a limited number of employees. The company made significant layoffs however, the program initiated to cater only some limited number of employees through a stringent and attractive screening process.

This is the major weakness as it will not allow sustaining significant employees and is only initiated for a year long. The areas in which the company will be serving the community and the non-profit organizations are also not clearly defined as enhancing internet efficiency is a broader term and the company is serving in different individual protocols and segments.

On the other hand, the employees that are part of the fellowship program are being monitored thoroughly and have to report to two different heads. This makes the job hectic and the process quiet alarming. Apart from that, the success of the program has offered multiple benefits but the limited approach of the company towards this program will not provide long term benefits for the company.....................

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