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Raymond James Financial (RJF) is currently selling financial services through two channels. He is considering adding a third in the "middle" of the other two. The current strategy has one channel with the employees, and the other with independent contractors. They attract a very different financial advisors with different interests. The new proposal would create a "quasi" the employee, who will have some of the benefits of being an employee, but like a lot more freedom than the traditional employee in running their own business. Raises many important issues at a general level, as well as those specific to the service sector. First, students have to decide how many different services, the firm has to offer. As the target is to be firm? How the firm to ensure that the right of people to choose the right offer? What sellers need to sell, which model? Given the competitive dynamics, the class has an opportunity to discuss why the advisor comes to work at RJF compared with another firm, and what it means for their business. Provides an opportunity to apply marketing principles of human resource issues, and discuss how the test markets differ between business and consumer marketing, as well as between products and services. "Hide
by David B. Godes Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: January 14, 2004. Prod. #: 504027-PDF-ENG

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