Optimizing Your Digital Business Model Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A firm's digital business model depicts how the enterprise interacts with its customers to create worth. The authors argues that it's time for companies to make a great digital business model before their customers leave them behind. An amazing digital business model will regularly challenge the status quo in the company: It can cause an organization to change how work gets done, who does the work and where it invests to serve customers online.

Optimizing Your Digital Business Model Case Study Solution

An electronic business model often cannibalizes or transforms the business physical channels. And that's true whether the company is a born-on-the-Web company like Amazon, a sizable oil company or a local business just starting to concentrate on the best method to connect with customers online. The writers have created a framework to help enterprises compete with three capabilities: their content, customer experience and platform. They exemplify the framework with case studies of top performers like LexisNexis, Apple, Amazon and USAA and results from a successful practices survey. In addition they include a self-appraisal instrument to help with next steps.


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Optimizing Your Digital Business Model

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