Puma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Puma Case Solution

The organization, Puma SE, which is officially branded as the brand Puma is a major German Multinational Company. The major part of the revenues generated by the company is through athletic and casual footwear. The business activities of the company also comprise of manufacturing and production of sportswear.

These activities of the company have adequately supported them in creating a strong name around the globe in the segment of sportswear and other athletic equipment's. The operations and business activities of the company started in 1924 as the company was named as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik previously(PUMA, n.d).
The company was formed by two brothers named, Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler,who later on agreed to split the company as the relation between the brothers worsened. The company split into two in 1948 which resulted in the formation of two separate entities named as Adidas and Puma. After the division between the brothers and the resources of the formed company, Puma has grown steadily since then to achieve the position in the market which it sustains today.

Currently, the company has involved itself in the manufacturing of various sportswear and sports equipment. After the company split in to two, the company was first name as Ruda which was later on changed to Puma and registered as a new organization.
Since the beginning of the company, they have indulged themselves with offering the market with the best of sportswear and sports equipment's made through the finest of methods to provide the users with the finest of quality standards.  a number of popular and well-known athletes and sportsmen belonging to different sports and athletic activities. The company has effectively indulged themselves in sports events and activities in order to create a strong sense of positioning for the brand.
The company offers a distant array of shoes and sports clothing and sportswear, which is designed by a couple of designers has been working for the company dedicatedly. After the company’s growth in their home territory, the operations of the company have intensified in the industry of the United States of America since 1996.

The company is responsible for an adequate share of the America market of sports clothing. 25% of the market share in the American market belongs to the company which has been supporting the business operations of the country in the region.
The top management of the company has not only involved its elfin the manufacturing of sportswear but it has also entered the diversified markets by supplying the market with products such as clothes and bags. These products have enabled the company to diversify their product portfolio and increase their reach towards the customers(Strategy, n.d).

Performance of Puma

It is expected that Puma is operating sportswear industry. There are many large competitors also operating in this industry such as Nike and Adidas. Both these competitors are large in size as the total market capitalization of Adidas is $16.64 billion and of Nike it is $99.65 billion while the market share of Puma is just $2.75 billion dollars, therefore both Nike and Adidas are big enough them Puma..................

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