EVOLUTION Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Evolution Case Study Solution

The meaning of Evolution

The word Evolution is a Latin word which means to “unfold or disclose”. Evolution refers to the slow process of change from one level to higher levelin which it brings a new level of order. Evolution is based on new observations and is considered as an ongoing process in which it does not occur on a steady basis but takes long periods of time. The life on earth which began over billions of years ago had been ever-changing.

The idea of evolution was started by Darwin’s publication of book “The origins of Species” in the year 1859 on which it was widely accepted. Darwin explained that the human evolves as their traits and behavior changes due to the passage of time. These changes would help the person or organism to adapt to the environment for its survival and well-being.

Evolution is supported by avariety of theories such as of geology, genetics, and science and development biology. These theories provide support to evolution that every organism and life is connected and related with each other and anorganism modifies its traits and behavior which would be favored in the environment.

A Change of World View

Many of the people have adifferent view on the term evolution due to their different culture, religion and values. There are many evolutionists who have provided with different theories about evolution and most of them have criticized others views. The evolution is studied through either naturalism which is the study and belief of nature whereas in empiricism is the information and knowledge gained from observation. Many of the evolutionists believe that earth is billion years old.

Worldview refers to how a person interprets reality or what does the person believe to be true. Worldviews are highly influenced by the person’s beliefs, religion and science. As we already know that the ideology and worldview tend to change as the time passes by. Many of the humans believe that they are the center of attention of the universe and some of the humans believe that they are spiritually unique and significant.

One of the French naturalist and philosopher Georges Louis who took interest in Newton’s biology and introduced an idea on evolution which is the internal mold. In which he explains that life had been originated from a number of different particles or organic particles which formed an organism. He believes that when these organisms migrate to other regions their life changes. As life moves into new habitats, different environmental and climatic conditions change the form over the period of time.

The Great Chain of Beings

The great chain of being or Scala nature is one of the hierarchical structure which explains the hierarchy of all matter and life. The great chain of beings unites the entire organisms into a natural hierarchy. The great chain starts with the God, followed by the angels, then the humans, after are the animals, then the vegetation and finally the minerals. Many people believe that God set up this order and wants every organism to follow this structure. If a person willingly does not follow the structure or is being disobedient against the rules, then that person would be punished. The following is the hierarchy structure of all life and matter:


God is on the top of thehierarchy structure of great chains of beings. God possesses all the three divine attributes which are omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.  God represents the model of being the most powerful, has all the authority, virtuous and excellent being. Among the three divine attributes, God also possesses other attributes such as love, forgiveness, mercy and imagination.

EVOLUTION Harvard Case Solution & Analysis




Followed by God are the angels who are thepure spirit which does not possess any physical body of their own. It is believed that the angles would build up their bodies from particles in theair. Like God, the angels possess many other attributes such as love, imagination, and reason. However, the angels lacked the three divine attributes which are omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. The angels are tasked by God with keeping an eye out on humans and its creatures however they lacked the physical experience as the humans and animals do.


The humans occupy one of the significant positions on great chains of beings. Unlike angels, the humans are given a physical form and a plant earth to live in. The humans also experience physical sensation such as pain, hunger, sexual desire and thirst. The highest rank for the humans was the king......................

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