PSINet: Building an Internet Super Carrier A Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

PSI Net, one of the leading companies in the Internet world, is considering the purchase of metamorphism worldwide IT consulting firm of the same size. PSI has grown at breakneck speed through 71 acquisitions in three years, mainly through the acquisition of smaller ISPs. Merger integration has been a major issue connecting to existing networks and customer base. Unlike metamorphism is the "human capital" of the company, itself the product of many acquisitions. The purpose of the event (1) to illustrate the evolution of corporate strategy (through M & A) in a high speed, and (2) to address the issues of merging with the same size of the firm, which is completely different from previous acquisitions. Students were asked to prepare their own due diligence for acquisitions. Net PSI (B) provides the story of one year of follow-disaster "Hide
on LJ Bourgeois, Margaret Cording, Ana Moscoso Source: Darden School of Business 28 pages. Publication Date: March 23, 2001. Prod. #: UV1622-PDF-ENG

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PSINet: Building an Internet Super Carrier A

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