Porsche Ag Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


For the past decades, Porsche AG has been synonymous with the construction of the sports car with excellent and exceptional quality standard and at a very highest level. Around 2/3rd of all the vehicles manufactured by Porsche are still roadworthy and approved. It is a German automobile manufacturer founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Porsche was reluctant and commenced its journey through targeting a narrow market or segment of people who were strong financially. It was perceived that the people would most likely purchase utility vehicle, likewise it was perceived that the Porsche is more than a utility car. The big competitors of the Porsche include Tesla, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.

The ultimate mission of the company is to provide impeccable products to the demanding customers of the premium cars. People enjoys and loves driving Porsche due to which the company has positioned itself at higher level in the marketplace. The company have paid its customers with greatest possible care and attention in each aspect of the business, it has also created a connection in the workplace and had empowered, motivated and hardworking employees who are committed to collaboratively work for achieving common goals of the company. In addition to this, the company has maintain its commitment to corporate social responsibility as well. All in all, the company had developed further with time (Porsche, 2017).

Porsche Ag Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking analysis is to be considered because it is a way of discovering what is the best performance being attained by Porsche. This sort of information is required to be sued in order to identify gaps in the processes of the organization in order to achieve competitive edge.

The people were perceived as the vigorous and mature company, it has become a definition of the driving of the sports car. As the company have skills and potency to maintain its independence and sustainability in the forthcoming years. Following are some benchmarks which were set by the company in order to ensure its prolonged appearance in the auto vehicle industry.

Best-In- Class Efficiency:

Since the establishment of the company, the company is still engaged in technology and design rather than one of the planned obsolescence. Porsche is an alternative word for timeless classics. The al new 911 and Boxster have come with more efficiency, power and it consumes less fuel as compared to predecessors. It has offered technologies to its customers due to which the company has ensured greater sustainability. The Porsche engineering group have expanded its competencies and proficiencies in the area of digitalization. The company has been holding a start-up atmosphere and it is also belongs to the highly innovative regions in the software development areas within Europe. Also in china, the company have engaged with the research, instruction, science, engineering and testing facilities in order to have a competitive advantage.

The competitors are highly involved in creating customized mobility and drive concepts in order to deal with present and future requirements of customers. It is offering highly-efficient vehicles with gradually refine combustion revolutionary and engines, for cities there are electric cars and low emission plug in hybrids as well. Tesla have also incorporated with the electric cars which is energy efficient and promote clean and renewable energy...............

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