Trinity Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the HR policies and organizational plans followed and pursued in the Trinityorganization. Trinity is a technology company which offers synthetic customer data to its clients for the purpose of planning and organizing the next strategy or move. The company has 300 employees with a unified HR department. Thecase further discusses the Recruitment and selection methods carried in the organization which are based on the ongoing best practices in the market. The company recruits the individual through the mix of internal and external hiring system. The individuals are selected through number of panel interviews which ensures the right talent hiring in the organization. The company invests great time and money in making the individual proficient with the system. In doing so, the company offersan on-job training and also seminars which guides the new hires about the culture and structure of the organization.

The company, trinity,implements 360 degree of evaluating the employees,whichreduces the bias from any dimension of the evaluation and thus offersthe correctresult. Inaddition, bonuses are offered pay for performance basis which encourage the employees to perform to the full.

Keywords:  Rewards and compensation, recruitment & selection, Training and Development

Factor critical to success

Sincethe company is a technology based company, innovation is the key component critical for the success of the company. The company has to continually develop the technology platform inorder to offer advance service and the right exploitation of the software,Bigdata. In addition, the company has to maintain the human resource in order to keep the right talent with the company. The core competency of the company is its human resource.Since it is technology based company, it requires great training and development to make an individual proficient in the field. Hence,retainingtheindividual is critical for the success as the skill of the individual cannot be replicated and thus, offers a competitive advantage to the company.
Trinity Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
SinceTrinity is a technology based company with multiple operations,the culture pursued in theorganization is an open culture. Every team is empowered to decide which project to take first. In addition, each team/scrum has a leader, who has partial authority to decide the regular task, hence thecompany offers empowerment and authority to the employees. This kind of culture propagates the feeling of ownership and importance. Moreover, the lean structure improves the communication barrier enabling the quickdecision making and hence improving the efficiency of the work. Moreover, the management puts employees before the customers. The phenomena is identified through the practices in which if a dissatisfied client complaints about the executive, the company does not fire him but searches the root cause of the issue and offers a final report of the cause which lead to failure or dissatisfaction of the client. To serve the purpose an additional team of 4 members, it works with closecollaboration with the team and the management to solve these kinds of issues. The approach builds confidence and trust of the employees in the management.

Organization structure and Communication Channel
Trinity Corporation has a lean structure, which makes the communication easier.The employees reach directly to the supervisor or even the top manager if they find any problem with the project.Moreover, a certain amount of authority is given to eachscrum leader to decide and execute the project in their own way................................

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