PNC Financial: Grow Up Great (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2011, PNC Financial Services Group has announced the addition of $ 250 million $ 100 million, which he promised his program of early education for children, group and old, in 2003. Case serves as an update to the "PNC Financial: Grow Up Great (A)" case, who spoke on the development and implementation of programs and are key issues. (B) the case will show some of the answers of the program on issues such as strategic integration to grow the Great in the bank's business, the introduction of the program into new markets after the geographic expansion of the bank, and the measurement of social impact programs. "Hide
by Christopher Marquis, William Drewery, Bradley Crane, Laura Velez Villa Source: Harvard Business School 12 pages. Publication Date: March 22, 2012. Prod. #: 412119-PDF-ENG

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