The Portman Hotel Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 The Portman Hotel Company Case Solution

Reviewing HR Policy

Portman Hotel is facing lot of problems with its management. It is expected that there certain issues with respect to the human resource policy of the company such as flat hierarchy; less chances of growth and rigorous procedures of recruitment which results in the lower productivity and high employees turnover ratio.  It needs to mainly review its HR practices in order to increase quality of the hotel first, then the its internal customer’s (employee’s) satisfaction and thus it can come to make profit however, before maximizing profit they have to bear some cost

Firstly, it is lacking quality work issue at every level. Personnel Valets (PVs) are doing their works but they need to be assigned for the one task at one time. Even if the president Portman wants that all employees remain at equal level in this category of associates and the PVSs. This can be either review by having ‘Jobs rotation’ practices. By this implementation the PVs would be doing particular task i.e. laundering, at one time. Their job can be switch after one month of laundering by giving them another particular task for instance cleaning.

Portman hotel is facing a measure variance among its benchmark and its real performance. This is due to working condition in which its employees working, that is main cause of having turnover higher than they expected. Moreover, they are not having their guests satisfied as they have made their environment free for the guests furthermore employees are not able to deliver fast services. Thus, hotel is not able to generate their customers and unable to maximize more and more profit. Increase in the hotel staff is also a major cause of enhancing costs of the hotel

 Actions to be implemented

This is to suggest in order satisfying their guests the management of the hotel should focus on the hiring procedures and should establish a flexible criteria in order to attract the skill and experienced staff which could help the management in order to overcome the current facing problems. Moreover management of the company should ponder on the employee’s motivation that can bring quality work towards guests. Guests of the hotel can only be satisfied with the speedy services of the employees and quality work delivered by them.

It is expected that there is a wider need of arranging training sessions after the working hours of the day shift. Since shift remains change for day and night both hence, everybody will be able to attend it. It was also among the complaint of the associates hence, this even motivate as the suggestion was encouraged. Therefore management of the hotel should arrange training and development sessions for the better results. Rather than increasing number of staff. Portman should ponder upon the committed employees....................

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