Q1. The New Moorea collection made use of the Japanese- made Seiko calibre instead of the equivalent from Switzerland. Is this a problem for Pequignet?

The new Moorea collection of Pequignet was introduced with eight models. Moreover, Moorea collection has contained all the features that could attract the market and the customer's attention and ultimately could be able to carry the Pequignet brand back in the market. However, some customer's that were using Pequignet watches were concerned and uneasy about the new collection due to the use of Japanese-made Seiko movement in Moorea collection instead of Swiss watches movement. The Japanese-made Seiko movement had a negative perceptive in the mind of customers due to the low-end quality and durability. Therefore, the customers were concerned that how the new design and features of new watch collection would affect the premium positioning of their most preferred brand. In addition, despite the use of Japanese-made Seiko movement in Pequignet Moorea collection,' the new collection was still marketed as made in France.

Therefore, it would be a problem for a company to market the new collection with made in France tag and used the Japanese-made Seiko movement instead. Further, it might also question the product's quality and reliability as the customer's had a negatively concerned regarding Japanese watches quality. Moreover, the company hasn't used any Swizz watch movement as it the Swizz watch movement is considered as durable and high quality. As the company is already in crises and the concerned regarding the new collection might also pose additional challenges for the company that in turn made it difficult for the company to sustain its remaining position in the market.

Q2. The Calibre Royal-powered Manufacture collection has received mediocre success. Should Katz stop the expensive haute horlogerie experiment and target the fashionable, inexpensive watch market instead?

The Calibre Royal collection of Pequignet has received average success, however, after introducing Moorea collection the company hadn't successful to attract the watch enthusiasts and to achieve the brand recognition as it only focuses on expensive segment. Therefore, Katz should stop to invest in Haute Horlogerie brand and should focus on the fashionable and inexpensive segment of the market in order to gain the market leadership position. Moreover, Katz should not invest in manufacturing laboratories and workshops instead; it should adopt its previous strategy to back in its position in the market as it helps the company to achieve significant success previously.

 Q3. What differentiate Pequignet watches from Swiss watch brands?

Pequignet focused to provide innovative designs and quality products to its customers. Pequignet create beautiful and attractive designs that differentiated it from Swiss watch brands. Pequignet watches' design attracts a generation of elegant women who prefer to wear fashionable and modern watches. Moreover, Pequignet also invented a bracelet shaped watches which highly attracted to women as, Pequignet was famous for manufacturing most comfortable and best-engineered bracelets in the industry. Furthermore, Pequignet also differentiated from its competitors due to its fashionable designs in the watches this makes Pequignet watches different from Swiss watch brands..............

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