Job Negotiation Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Job Negotiation Analysis Case Solution

FK international company overview

FK international is one of the leading companies that provide its customers valuable financial services all over the world. The Irish firm is one of the largest companies that specializae in financial recruitment offer candidates a services that are matched by the level of their academic credentials. Moreover, the company was founded in 1998. During this period, the company has gained an exceptional record in placing their applicants along with an unmatched blue chip customer base. Moreover, the management team states that the firm achieved most of its successes from those factors in which they have expertise and knowledge. The company specializes in the Accounting and finance sectors. As a result, the company always recruits those employees in the organization who are specialized in the following fields: (1) Accounting (2) Banking and Financial services (3) Funds and operations (4) Legal and compliance (5) Treasury (6) Tax (7) Public practices.

The company drawn the customer base from the following sectors (1) Banking and Financial Services (2) Industry and Commerce (3) Public Practice. The Banking and financial services is one of the leading Irish and foreign Banking sectors, that provide financial services to the wealth management and private equity companies. On the other hand, Industry and commerce are the well-known companies that operate all over the world. Furthermore, the company has well experienced professionals who are experts in their working field through that they can easily place advices to the clients and consumers.

Financial Analys

Financial analyst is a person who performs the internal and external analysis of the financial clients as a portion of their central jobs. Moreover, by reviewing the files and public records, and by conducting meetings and conferences, the company easily collects the information of the operations of the company. In most cases, banks, investments banks, mutual and pension funds, security firms and hedge funds recruit financial analysts in order to help the clients in taking decisions about their financial investments. Moreover, the financial analyst uses different statistical tools and techniques so that they efficiently analyze the financial data of the company as well as develop different forecasting models through which the company can evaluate the financial performance of the company as well as improve its market position.

Job description of a financial analyst

Financial analyst plays an integral part in the continued growth of FK internationals, pouring the administrations financial budgeting and projecting processes. Moreover, the financial analyst’s position provides strategic support to the management. In financial analyst’s position, operational business cases, executive level presentation and companies’ comparison are included which help the company in identifying the internal and external financial clients in the market, as well as better understand the needs of the potential client in a highly competitive market. Moreover, the most important responsibility of a financial analyst is that they should have a clear understanding about how and where the companies invest its resources as well as how secure and viable that financial outlay will be going forward. However, it is necessary for the financial analyst to understand how the current investment affects the company as well as how these investments influence the future growth of a company in achieving its immediate and longstanding goals.

  • The financial analyst task is to perform the financial analysis schedule for both actual and budget variances on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • They prepare annual and monthly financial reports on budgeting and forecasting.
  • The company provide financial support to other companies regarding their investment decision making,
  • The company implements and determines the strategies for their projects.
  • Meet with investors to elaborate on their recommendation..................
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