Partnering In The Cloud (A): 2009 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Henderson, James; Bochukova, Polina

As members of the "finest of type" gamers, they were both seeing collaborations with another "finest of type" gamer, Cisco, the leading networking devices gamer and an emerging server gamer, in order to finest incorporate their offerings for the market. The case enlighten this circumstance leaving the reader with the concerns of exactly what would be the finest tactical collaboration structure to chase?
Partnering In The Cloud (A) 2009 Case Study Solution

Knowing goals: The case is about structuring strategic collaborations. Exactly what are the finest tactical collaborations for a certain market chance? Equity alliance or joint endeavor?

Subjects: Strategic partnerships; High technology; Strategic alliances Settings: United States ; Cloud based computing infrastructure ; Large ; 2009

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Partnering In The Cloud (A): 2009

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