Taurion Inc.: Built to Cure an Incurable Disease (VCs) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

(This case is a supplement to case IES519.) Taurion Inc. is a start-up company created in 2006 and based in Vienna. It specializes in studying the causes of Alzheimer's disease (AD) as well as developing diagnostic tools and targeted drugs to combat it. For several years, the creators of the business - two distinguished scientists and a finance professional - have been focusing on the purpose of one deficient protein within the brains of Alzheimer's patients, the tau protein, which is believed to have a crucial influence on the development of AD. Taurion discovered a unique form of the diseased tau protein which has a causal role in AD and developed three molecules (successfully analyzed in rats) to prevent its occurrence. Taurion anticipates to develop the next hit in the pharmaceutical business to prevent AD by treating truncated tau.

Under these conditions, students assume the functions of Taurion's management team and VC investors to develop a fundraising proposal and an investment offer.

Publication Date: 10/09/2012

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