Grameen Bank (Cartoon Case) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Michel, Stefan

This graphic study explains how Mohammed Yunus, a Bangaldeshi economic expert and lender, utilized his abilities to serve the poverty stricken individuals in his nation, specifically the ladies. Yunus presented microcredit and microfinance in Bangladesh and established Grameen Bank to produce a brand-new market by innovating the value constellation.

In the year 2006, Yunus and Grameen Bank were jointly granted the Nobel Peace reward "for their efforts to develop social and financial advancement from listed below". Knowing goals: Innovating through the production of brand-new value constellations.

Subjects: Microfinance; Innovation; Value constellation; Service management; Banking
Settings: Bangladesh; Financial services; 2009 revenue BDT 14.5 billion (USD 209.8 million); 23,037 employees; 1973-2006

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Grameen Bank (Cartoon Case)

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