Patrik Bernstein (B): Breathing Again Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1612 © 2006
Schwass, Joachim; Leleux, Benoit F.; Lindblom, Anna

This case scenario tracks the IMD-3-1611 Patrik Bernstein A: "From Suit to Jeans". Bernstein has actually explained that entrepreneurship for him as like falling in love. It would not be a simple journey and after 8 years of battle to get Spotlight and later on likewise Boblbee off the ground Bernstein is faced with a huge choice.

Not just had he dealt with numerous dissatisfactions and problems in the function of a CEO; however he had actually likewise dealt with numerous personal confrontations. He was psychologically burned out and was not sure he might continue to direct Boblbee.
Patrik Bernstein (B) Breathing Again case study solution

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Work/Life Balance; Family Business; Strategy; Start up companies; Career choice; Boblbee
Settings: Sweden; 2003

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Patrik Bernstein (B): Breathing Again

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