Ontela Pic Deck Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Ontela, a commencement-up technology company, has introduced an innovative accommodation called PicDeck amending mobile imaging experience for wireless subscribers. Ontela PicDeck sells wireless accommodation providers, which in turn provides private label accommodation to their subscribers. Ontela must decide which customer segments should be targeted for a communication plan marketing to promote their accommodation and how to engender a strategy and situating. They should withal consider the value proposition of the accommodation PicDeck for wireless accommodation providers (direct customers), they have to be convinced that the accommodation will result in a higher average monthly revenue per utilizer (ARPU) and / or incremented the subscriber adhesion. The case concerns the qualitative information on customer personae representing different customer segments. Customer personality is a concept and example of what could be the typical customer substructure. Moreover, it gives the man "authentic" kind of customer (with socio-professional status, sex, age, etc. ...). Onecan have multiple client personae. Utilizer character is a representation of the goals and demeanor of a utilizer group of the hypothesis. Their goal is to develop a targeting strategy and situating predicated on this qualitative information. The case provides quantitative data on customer predilections that can be familiar to identify customer segments predicated replication, as well as demographic information and media habits that can be adapted to shape the segments. The analysis of cluster is the task of assigning a set of objects into groups (called clusters) so that remonstrates in the same cluster are more kindred (in either direction) to each other than to other groups. Their recommendations have to be revised predicated on supplemental quantitative data.

Question # 1 - Based on the three customer personas, which customer segment should Ontela target?

The company should use the demographic evaluation to determine which segment will result in the attaining satisfaction of the company’s primary goal for the desired target customer, which is having a potential benefit for the organization. For the purpose of the evaluation, Ontela has selected the portfolio of three customer personas which determine as the key customer of the market segment. The key customers are;Sarah, the parent; Steve, the young professional; and Regina, the teenager. In order to decide how the market segment should be the target of the company, the customer personas which are provided in the case should be considered. This market segment indicates the various types of user in the market within the demography, age, gender, mindset, and social status that might be used in order to promote the product or the service in the market segment in a similar way.

Analysis of Market Segment: Key customer personas

Demography Age Gender Social Status Product usability Mindset Customer Need


Female Housewife Take snapshots of the children and events in the family Not fond of technology Simplicity


Male Real Estate Agent Take snapshots of houses to show to the clients Reluctance to use the technology Convenience


Female Student Take snapshots to upload on social media website Fond of technology Control

 Question # 2 - Create a positioning statement for your chosen target persona and identify the key themes that should be emphasized in the messaging for the PicDeck service to this segment

For the PicDeck services to be segmented,the positioning statement for the chosen target persona and the identification of the key themes of the market segment are as follows;


The technology required by Sarah which is simple and easy, the mobile phone that is manufactured by the Ontela PicDeck has a characteristic of easy and reliable transfer of the pictures from mobile devices into the personal computers. The memorable moments of life that have been capture dover the mobile phone and share with the friend and family, organize them, keep them secure, without having fear of any trouble process of migrating the picture manually to the desired location by mean of attachment in the emails or with the mean of migrating the pictures through the USB connections.


Steve requires technology which is more convenient to its business, for that the Ontela PicDeck provided a convenient transfer of file from on mobile device to another mobile device with an easy and efficient way of transfer option.There is no technical knowledge required to operate such a technology, as Steve has to only capture the picture from the mobile phone and it automatically deliver to the clients, this technology eliminates the bother of carrying the digital cameras or transferring the pictures through the attachment in the email or in massages.................

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