Angola and the Resource Curse, Spanish Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since emerging from decades of battle in 2002, Angola has been growing at a scorching double-digit rate, directed by its oil industry. But the state continues beset with seemingly intractable difficulties: immense inequality, low life expectancy, a non-diversified economy, and continuous grumblings of corruption.

The international financial crisis and subsequent fall in state oil revenue drives a loan-seeking the Chinese, who seek to take a direct position in the nation's retrieval, or Angola towards the IMF, who demand reforms that are wide-ranging. The case investigates the dynamics of post-conflict recovery in addition to the challenges related to a reliance on oil wealth, including Dutch disorder and the resource curse.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 07, 2010 PRODUCT #: 714S10-HCB-SPA

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Angola and the Resource Curse, Spanish Version

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