Rivest Farms: Farming Approaches and the “Four Ps” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Having previously raised pigs on his farm with unsuccessful results, a Canadian farmer has always dreamed of reintroducing pigs to his cash crop farm. The choice is particularly difficult, as he must contemplate not only the fiscal viability of his choices, but also the environmental costs, benefits, and also the welfare of the animals and workers - together referred to as the "Four Ps" (profits, planet, people, and pigs).

Although the market for organic meat stays comparatively limited, it is a segment that is growing, and one that the farmer wants to tap into to optimize a first-mover advantage. However, many dangers are posed by the transition as well. Will he be able to attain his vision of reintroducing pigs to his family farm? Or will the attempt to transition to all-natural pork bury his currently profitable cash crop company? Kent Walker is associate with Odette School of Business.

Rivest Farms Farming Approaches and the Four Ps case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: January 29, 2016 PRODUCT #: W16019-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Rivest Farms: Farming Approaches and the “Four Ps”

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