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Online Review Management Case Solution


In recent years, online reputation management through reviews has emerged a critical function, a mean of measuring guest satisfaction, guiding improvements and attracting more bookings.

According to recent TripAdvisor’s survey of over 10,000 hospitality businesses worldwide, online reputation management is the top investment priority in 2015,outranking renovations,marketing,staff training and technology. (Tripadvisor, 2015)

  • Online hotel reviews are changing everything. Around two out of three global travelers use travel review websites before booking, and 93% of them stated that online reviews have influenced their booking decisions, thus it is very clear and distinct to the hotels’ operators to adapt the art of handling online reviews that can generate more sales, enhance their reputation, which if not handled appropriately,can damage the business on a larger scale. Therefore, in order to generate most benefit out of these online reviews,the hotels should perform the following things, which can help them generate more sales.

The hotel operators need to understand the social behavior of the customers,through their reviews on the hotels based so as to better understand their experience and, in turn, cover any gap in the services offered by the hotels. The hotels’ managers have to put great emphasis on responding to the customers, which may return again, given if their reviews are responded to promptly and by making any amendments, if needed..

Secondly, the has been a rise in emerging markets like China, North East Asia,where the customers are more connected through social networks. The hotel operators need to understand the “ripple effect” of the reviews given by the unsatisfied customers, which, if not catered accordingly, can drive away such customers not only from the home country, but also from other countries thus, it is imperative for the hotel managers to comprehend the importance of even a single negative review. Negative reviews need great attention as compared to good reviews because these are the actual reviews that can negatively affect the sales of the hotels.

Moreover, it has been supported by many online review websites that hotels that have bad reviews often face the issue of declining sales.

Lastly, the hotel operators have to put more emphasis on dealing and on responding the negative comments and reviews because sometimes there are many things(while experiencing the hotel services) that are not understood properly by the customers during their stay at the hotels, which creates conflict, and dissatisfaction between the hotel management and the customer.Through online review, the hotel can respond to the complaint of the dissatisfied customers as well as it can retain those customers by catering their complaints accordingly.

The hotel management, through managing online reviews,can improve the quality of its services as per the customers’ demands.This ideology is based on the behavioral sciences, which supports the idea that giving importance to one’s opinion and thought increases the chances of the said individual to interact with you on serious grounds. The hotel operators can use this technique by responding in-depth and appropriately to each and every review, while also making sure that the dissatisfied customers have been satisfied. This will help the hotels not only to manage and retain the dissatisfied customers, but it would also be able to attract the potential customers.The positive attitude of the hotel towards the dissatisfied customers would create a good impression on the potential customers, and that there are 90% chances that the said customers would be willing to avail the services of the hotel. If the hotels start engaging with the customers on a more personal level by greeting them, asking them their experiences or any kind of opinion, then, as a result, the customers will get a feeling of ownership, and, as a result, the customers would tend to provide positive feed backs.The hotel operators, by using the online management technique, can also ensure that even if the customers are dissatisfied,they would provide review in a manner, which can prove to be helpful for the hotels to improve in areas where they are lacking...........................

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