Term Sheet Negotiations for Trendsetter Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Description of two new entrepreneurs who have just received the offer documents for venture capital (known as term sheets) from two venture capital firms. None of the entrepreneurs who have experience in raising capital, and they wonder how to compare the two offers, and which one to choose. They have to make decisions quickly. The documents contain two full terms sheets, which are similar in structure but different in important ways. Both the term sheet has its advantages and disadvantages for entrepreneurs. Choosing one over the other, requires a careful analysis and a specific set of assumptions about the growth of Trendsetter, Inc «Hide

Trendsetter term sheet negotiations Case Study Solution

by Walter Kuemmerle, William J. Coughlin Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 10 pages. Publication Date: January 25, 2001. Prod. # 801 358-PDF-ENG

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Term Sheet Negotiations for Trendsetter Inc.

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