Oakville Hydro Optimum Engine Selection Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The president of Oakville Hydro Energy services desired to make a decision on the setup of an electricity-producing engine in the regional municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Burlington, Ontario. This engine installation was in support of the creation of green power, by which the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) introduced a feed-in tariff that paid a premium for the generation of this kind of green power.
Oakville Hydro Optimum Engine Selection Case Study Solution

One of three unique engines installed and would be bought to generate electricity from the combustible gases produced during wastewater treatment. The president had to decide which engine generator would produce the best return for Oakville Hydro along with the municipality as well as the most favourable output. The president also needed to determine whether to integrate the existing on site gasoline storage tank into the controls of the generator system.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 16, 2011 PRODUCT #: 910E25-HCB-ENG

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Oakville Hydro Optimum Engine Selection

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