New Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Part ‘A’

Problem Statement

The key issue is the stagnant sales status of the products, the new generation’s changed preferences and their carelessness towards traditional edibles by replacing them with new and multinational fast foods that are not even healthier as well.

The Case

The case is concerned with a leading confectionary seller at Jammu, who wanted to make a new marketing strategy to expand his business. In this regard, he hired a consultant specialist because for many years, it was a leading seller of sweets in Jammu but now there some competitive threats found and the owner is trying to fix this situation of competitions through both of the domestic and multinational competitors. For the company’s best and profitable performance, proper marketing is an essentialfeature that would notbe ignored ever. Proper Marketing is an excessively significant approach for the companies to work, so as to continue growing and developing a better reputation to its customers who are the key factorfor continuous growth. Here the case is revolving around a sweetmeat Pahalwan’s, the biggest sweet seller in Jammu & Kashmir. This consisted of a new marketing strategy, current environment of the company, critical analysis of the case and alternatives from which, the best one is to be selected and suggested as the focused strategy that will influence the future marketing strategies that should be adopted by the firm.

The Company


‘Pahalwan Di Hatti’ was the 1st shop set in 1934 by Mr. Anant Ram, a humble and gentle person. The actual roots of the shops are associated with Lahore, where Mr. Ram learnt the art of producing and then selling the sweet products. The main products comprised of the milk products like yogurt, Rabri, Barfi and the raw-milk. The range of products was initially so limited but the popularity within the county expands because of the quality sweet products and the nature of the owner. The PM, Jenab Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah awarded the shop in 1952, because of the consistent quality assurance of sweet products within the state. Company owns a website for their online purchases and Mr. Ram also diversified his business of sweetens to salty & spicy products like packed snacks in other regions of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

New Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Critical Analysis

The Company’s situation consistedin cooperationof both the outer and innerfeatures that have an influenced on its process.

The situation of the food house for many years was really stable and getting marginal outcomes. Even though the food house, Pahalwan’sexperienced a satisfactory& effective environment, numerouspressures such as challengersspecifically food house competitors have developed in the macro-environment which rests as a risk and threat to the constant market supremacy of Pahalwan’s status in the Jammu County.

1.     Pahalwan’s Existing Expansion Strategy

There were two phases of the expansion strategy of Pahalwan’s, which already exists:

Phase I

The head office & the facility of manufacturing is in Delhi, NCR.

In Mumbai and Delhi, new shops were opened near central locations.

Phase II

In Gujrat, a manufacturing facility is also present.

Later on, in Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore new shops were opened................

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