Ganging Up on Cancer: Integrative Research Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ganging Up on Cancer: Integrative Research Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (A) Case Solution

Current Situation

Research centers have grown favorably in the 1990s. Particularly, the research on cancer has risen due to economic growth. In 2003, there was dis satisfactory growth in cancer research with disputes in the finding of the government and private sectors. The president of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Dr. Edward Benz recognized the upcoming trends. For remaining proactive, he decided more efficiency is required at Dana-Farber Cancer Institution. The strategic planning for the Integrative Research Centers was originated in the response to collaboration of faculty. Dr. Rollins hence was recommended as the Chief Scientific Officer of the Research Centre. The dispute arose when Wood, being the leader of Nanotechnology, felt disrespectful by the conduct of Amitabh Sheikh. Amitabh Sheikh had first asked him about his expertise when he did not want his name to be mentioned on publication. Moreover, he undermined the leadership of Wood to provide the resources. When Wood purchased equipment for the MRI research of about $1 million, strategic planning told him that he has utilized all of the resources for MRI. Hence, he is not able to purchase further..Analysis

Integrative Research Centers Structure of Dana-Farber Cancer

Different faculty members were financed to research with the more focused options after joining Integrative Research Centers. However, core business funding was not the part of the research objectives. Funds for research integrative were separate from the business of the cancer institution. Initially, the budget allocation had to be independent after five years of fundraising. The research centers also included people from private sectors.

Culture of Organization in Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Following is the brief discussion about the organizational culture at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Norms and Values at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The management of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has carried out its operations with individualism rather than considering the collaboration approach. It has remained disadvantageous for the environment of the entire healthcare, cancer institution, and research department of Dana-Farber. Disagreement among management and researchers were seen and the dispute between them grew. However, from Rollins’ perspective, the goals of the organization cannot be achieved with individual efforts alone. The teamwork is required in order to work together and lead the organizational motives towards success.

Context of Culture

The organization has developed over the passage of time with the appropriate policies development and following them. It has also been evident in the history that the management obliged to the rules and subordinates together. Furthermore, with the disagreements, the misunderstanding has prolonged. Among the management’s and researcher dispute, the major issue was of mutual understanding. However, it was a great loss due to the disagreement in the environment of the organization. It has been observed that the research needed typically for the several lives were in pending. Hence, as many of 12,000 patients were losing their lives with the inefficiency in the conduct of research. Therefore, there was a greater need to continue with the research process resolving conflicts.

Culture of Shared Values

The focus of Dana-Farber Cancer Institution is to reduce divergence in the working environment. For this purpose, Rollins has always remained active in removing such discrepancies from the environment. However, in the current scenario, management and employees have disputed over the issue of personal values. The management sought that the employee has disrespected it. However, the employee needed to remind the management about obeying rules. Hence, it created the dispute in the environment................

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Ganging Up on Cancer: Integrative Research Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (A)

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