Negotiating the Path of Abraham Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Abraham Path Initiative board faces bargaining and tactical challenges in fortifying a course of Middle East cultural tourism subsequent to the path 4000 years history of Abraham. The Avenue starts in the primeval ruins of Harran, in modern day Turkey, where Abraham first heard the call to "go forth." It passes through some of the planet's most revered cultural, historical, and holy sites, finishing in the city of Hebron/AI-Khalil at the tomb of Abraham. With Abraham as a venerated patriarchal figure for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity-monotheistic faiths whose adherents have frequently clashed-the potential unifying power of the concept has brought a remarkable array of supporters from all over the world as well as significant media interest.

Negotiating the Path of Abraham Case Study Solution

From a notion crystallized at Harvard in 2004, this thought has been carefully negotiated into a tangible truth with encouraging country organizations in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. With the endorsement of the U.N.'s Alliance of Civilizations, over 300 kilometers of the Path have now been opened to an increasing variety of travelers ranging from student study groups to international leaders all walking expanses of the Avenue. Yet, momentum has stalled in areas that are essential, tactical and operational problems remain open, as well as the financial future of the initiative is clouded. Soon the board will meet to debate and decide these problems.

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Negotiating the Path of Abraham

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