Communauto: A big idea for a big market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Communauto is a pioneer in North America as a carsharing business, which is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Primarily, the case demonstrates the route taken by the CEO of Communauto to gain current success and determine the ways chosen by the company to spread the business widely and taking into account the measures simultaneously to provide positive return to the society environmentally.

In contrast to other cases that primarily focus on the evaluation of appropriate alternatives for the sustainability of the firms, this case wants the students to evaluate the strategies that the CEO, Benoit Robet could pursue to mitigate the escalating tension between the growth of the business and the strategy of reducing the environmental consequences of personal transportation.

The company has already gained a sound position in the industry by being a pioneer and so far it has succeeded to achieve its environmental objectives as well. As multitude of cases represent not-for-profit social entrepreneurship measures in less developed countries, however, this case demonstrates a for-profit model of social entrepreneurship in North America.

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Communauto: A big idea for a big market

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