Facebook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The Facebook, normally known as Facebook is a social networking site that is online based and headquartered in California. The site was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 along with his four classmates from Harvard University. In the beginning, the site was restricted to be used for Harvard subscribed students only. Later, it was allowed to be accessible to all the colleges in Boston. With the help of this App, students got support in various activities related to their universities. As of now, Facebook is accessible all over the world and an individual who is above 13 can sign-up and access this App.

RCC Model

In this particular model, resources are defined as those assets which are available with the company at this present time. Facebook has a large customer base of over 1 billion which is far better than any other social networking website. This is the physical resource available to the company. While considering the financial resource, Facebook had sales of $5.09 billion in the year 2012 which is higher than its competitors. The third resource with respect to the managing of human resource is its high professional team with descent educational background and with highest potential to lead a multi-billion organization.

However, the core competencies for physical resource include providing the best product and the user experience through countries where Facebook is operating. The financial core competency is that the company is generating 88% of the revenues through its advertisement strategies. Facebook also has human resources where the company has the best technical support team which helps in maintaining an extraordinary website with no chance of security threats.

Therefore, when the strategic capability test for competitive advantage of Facebook is performed, the core competitive advantage of the company amongst all the above competitive advantage is its large customer base which has never been achieved by any of the social media websites. The particular core competency of the company is valuable and rare, but it is also imitable which means that other companies could meet the desired number of followers. This strategy would provide the company with a sustained competitive advantage which has long been desired by the company.


The methodology used to find the issues and variable related to the data will be analyzed by using IBM SPSS software. In order to get to know about the Facebook data, comments by respondents are mentioned in the spreadsheet attached. The sample size was nearly 10,000 and these respondents were asked to comment about the Facebook App. In addition to this, these data of 10,000 respondents have been collected through four major countries that are United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Input Data

The data used for input has been analyzed through both qualitative and quantitative perspective. The data used for the collection of output are the comments given by respondents about Facebook from various countries. In addition to this, other data included as an input is store name along with the ratings. Other variables in the study include time, App name, and App version.


In order to analyze the data collected to find the result related to Facebook. Various statistical tools and techniques have been applied and the data is then evaluated on the basis of these techniques. These statistical techniques include Correlation, Regression, One-way Anova, Cross-tabs and one-sample t-test.


Regression is basically a measure that helps in determining the strength and also the relationship between two variables as a series that changes other variables that is the independent variable. Regression is an analysis that is used for two basic reasons one is to predict the value of a dependent variable for an individual data  for a specific explanatory variable whichever is available or it also helps to estimate the overall effect of a specific explanatory variable on the dependent variable. It is also a tool that helps in investigating relationships between specific variables.

Along with this, the investigator that seeks the casual effect is on a specific scale variable which can be price or the supply of money. In order to explore such issues the investigator or the reader of the data basically looks to assemble the quantitative effect that is caused due to the variable influence they actually poses........................

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