Ncc Construction Danmark (A): Back To Profitability Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This two part case series describes the transformation challenge faced by a European firm, NCC Construction Danmark A/S (NCC DK), belonging to one of many earliest industries in the world - construction. The lessons this instance supplies should appeal to other European businesses and industries as they seek to reposition themselves for the brand new times and new opportunities in Europe and beyond, even though the context is building.

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Case A describes the fight of NCC DK back to profitability from the brink of insolvency following the residential construction bubble burst in Denmark in 2006. After becoming the CEO of NCC DK in October 2006, Torben Biilmann and his top management team directed a three-phase transformation that led the financially distressed business back to prosperity: Stabilization (2006-2007); Efficacy and Sustainability (2008-); and Business Development (2009-). The storyline has many of the elements to be found in a classic transformation, including renovation restructuring and renewal. A four part video (total runtime 21' 44'') supplements the case. The first (7' 17'') is an interview with Torben Biilmann (CEO, October 2006 - May, 2012) and Martin Manthorpe, Senior Vice President (Strategy) on the rough restructuring and renewal described in Case A. The second (5' 19'') is an interview with precisely the same two executives on the role of VDC in moving the construction industry to the 21st century and creating new opportunities for NCC DK. The third (7' 4'') is an interview with Klaus Kaae (the business's CEO since June 2012) and Manthorpe on the idea of "Co-Creation" and the chances and challenges for the business in driving this notion.

Ncc Construction Danmark (A) Back To Profitability Case Study Solution

The concluding portion of the video (2' 4'') is a short reflection by Biilmann on the lessons for other European businesses from NCC DK's encounter. Learning objectives: Provide a basis for senior executives (particularly from European firms) to discuss company and business transformation so as to sustain profitable growth even in developing sectors. Though the circumstance is building, the disciplined method of its proactive method of strategic renewal and performance of NCC DK can offer pointers to other European firms as they conflict with industry maturity. The case can be used in MBA class rooms to address restructuring and renewal.


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