Monsanto Company – Doing Business in India Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The executive vice president of corporate as well as sustainability affairs at Monsanto was facing a hard scenario that could dramatically reshape the firm's company. A decade earlier, the company had introduced into India, through a joint venture, the first in-the-seed cotton trait biotechnology. This characteristic shielded cotton crops against potentially devastating pests, thereby reducing the need for pesticides and improving yields. Subsequently, three Indian state governments imposed a cost limit on these biotech seeds.

Monsanto Company - Doing Business in India Case Study Solution

How should a technology innovator for example Monsanto deal with an unpredictable regulatory acceptance process in an increasingly competitive market? Looking ahead, two new in-the-seed trait technologies were being considered for launch to Indian farmers. More generally, what should the business's long term approach be in this promising market?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 06, 2012 PRODUCT #: W12183-PDF-ENG

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Monsanto Company – Doing Business in India

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