Necessary Illusions and Dangerous Delusions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

New entrepreneurs are in a difficult position: sixty-five per cent of seed-round startups in North America never make it to the next degree of funding, and only 12 per cent ending up successfully delivering a service or product. "Because my idea is better than all the others, and the amounts do not apply to me." We all have such 'necessary illusions' in our minds, says the author.

Necessary Illusions and Dangerous Delusions Case Solution

Dangerous delusions, on the flip side, are just that. The analysis is, just how to distinguish between mandatory illusions and delusions that are dangerous? He claims that the reply is to become an experimentalist about one's own life and business, which forces you to take an outsider's view of it.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHI

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