Social Media Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Social media is basically an internet based form of communication. It is a platform where the people are allowed to converse, create web content and also share information with others. Social media helps people share pictures, videos which they do through virtual communities and other networks. As per the definition, it is a group of internet based application which has been built upon the technological and ideological foundations of the website. Social media generally depends on the web based technologies that have created interactive platforms through internal communication that moves and discusses the user content. It is a collection of online communications that are dedicated to the community based interaction and collaboration (Lardi, 2013).

The different types of social media in the modern era include the forums, social networking websites, social curation, micro blogging are the general types of social media that are used by people and even by the companies. Billions of people, men and women are becoming active users of social media to make connections and also share information. Along with this, social media also helps to communicate with family and friends. It also helps in learning new ideas and new features.

It has also helped in broadening the scope of knowledge of ideas. In terms of the company, social media has actually helped in communicating and coordinating while connecting with clients, the potential target audience, to gain the customer feedback about the service or the product and it also helps in elevating the brand for the company. The personal care product company discussed in the paper is Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars which manufactures lotions and organic soaps

Explain how the use of social media can benefit the company

The brand, Brisbane Couture Beauty Bars that is discussed in the paper is a personal care consumer product manufacturer that sells organic soaps and lotion and other personal care products. As the company sells products to all the leading retail outlets in the market it can further expand and penetrate in the personal care market with the social media activation of its products. In the modern era, social media marketing is considered as the most effective tool to reach out potential customers. Not only does it reach the correct audience, but it also helps in identifying the market to actually capture.

Along with this, through social media promotion or advertising of a brand, it is a cheap mean of reaching a mass audience. In the recent past, it is observed that the social media has actually been the revolution in the business world (Bonneau, 2009). Talking specifically about health care products or skin care products it is basically a youngsters industry that is looking for such products which can actually enhance their beauty and freshness. Therefore, promoting the business or the products offered by the company can actually be displayed or promoted through the social media in a rather effective manner. With respect to health care, manufacturing company, it is necessary to sell it online through the internet. Other major benefits which social media can actually give to the company of personal care product are as follows

Increase brand awareness

One of the major benefits of social media marketing of a brand is that through social media it is quite easy to recognize (Jue, 2010). Social media over time has made an excellent way to actually develop the understanding of a product to the users. Social media in terms of personal care products will again deliver the same service and will support the service of increasing brand awareness of the company. As per the latest research across the globe, it has been observed that the products that are advertised through social media campaigns are seen by the customers with positivity where the brand loyalty is high amongst the customers or the general audience. It regulates the brand in the mass market and actually grows into a top notch brand through effective social media activation strategies. Along with this, it also helps in enhancing social presence and making more customers aware of a new product offering for the personal care product company. Social media also leads to massive existence and exposure to the global world where the company can actually share the capabilities and attract customers on a daily basis................................

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