MICROSOFT NEW CORPORATE CULTURE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Microsoft New Corporate Culture Case Study Solution


This document reflects on how Microsoft suggested about bringing certain notable and important changes to its culture. For a company as big as Microsoft it can be a serious challenge. Microsoft used to be one of the biggest and wealthiest corporations in the tech world but since 2000, with competitors like Apple, Facebook and Google, Microsoft has sunk in every field they have entered. How did this happen to one of the biggest names in the tech world?  This document discusses what corporate culture is Microsoft following currently and what improvements it need to make in the future to come back strong.

Corporate Culture:

Corporate culture is a set of rules and beliefs that an organization follows for its inside and outside transactions. Often, companies do not define it, but it develops with time and reflects the attributes of the employees of the company. It evolves with time. It can be seen in the dress code of the employees, working hours of a company, benefits given to the employees by the company, how the customers are treated and their level of satisfaction.  Since 2015, after the companies got more aware of the corporate culture and what wonders it can do for a company, the management of the companies started to develop theirown corporate culture. It is now influenced by traditional cultures, size of the company and the product or service that the company is providing. The six basic beliefs of a corporate culture are:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Practices
  • People
  • Narrative
  • Place


  1. Vision:

The most important thing for an organization is to have a clear vision and mission, only then it can work towards it. Good vision statements help the employees in understanding what efforts from them are required by the company.

  1. Values:

Values are the key component of any company’s culture. Values set the direction on how the employees need to behave and with mindset they are required to work in the office.

  1. Practices:

Values are of no importance if they are not followed by the company and its employees. The owners and heads of departments need to set an example for the employees.

  1. People:

The people that the company hires make its culture. Their traditions, cultural and national, are reflected on the culture of the company.

  1. Narrative:

Every organization has its story, as how it was found. When it’s shaped and narrated it becomes a part of the corporate culture.

  1. Place:

The geographic location, the set-up of the office, influences the culture of an organization.(Coleman, 2013)


MICROSOFT NEW CORPORATE CULTURE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Bill Gates Effect:

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1975, but gave up his job as a chairman in 2008. For 12 consecutive years Bill Gates was on the list of Billionaires issued by Forbes. Since its start, Microsoft is considered as one of the largest software company. The credit for Xbox, or release of the Windows, all goes to Bill Gates...................

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