Microsofts Diversification Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In November 2005, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360, its latest game console. It was an extraordinary event, and not because of glamor and business leaders and journalists hanging around the event, a very cool mood of the festival soaking the Mojave Desert, or the dazzling graphics technology giant consoles around a conference room. Most likely, the air was filled with a mixture of trepidation and excitement about the viability of a new strategy to move beyond Windows-based PC. Everyone in the room wondered whether the company can regain its former glory by entering new territory. What opportunities and challenges, they wondered, expects the company to the markets in which it did not have its own interests? What specific strategies did it have to take in order to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges? How best Microsoft could meet its diversification strategy? "Hide
by Ali Farhoomand, Samuel Tsang Source: University of Hong Kong, 27 pages. Publication Date: November 9, 2006. Prod. #: HKU617-PDF-ENG

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Microsofts Diversification Strategy

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