Michael Rubens Bloomberg Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case shows many major events that have come to define a unique life and contribution of Michael Rubens Bloomberg. Born in a working class family, Bloomberg revealed the importance of the life of hard work. His success in scouting, becoming one of the youngest to earn his Eagle Scout Award for his success at Salomon Brothers, and then to create his own company, illustrated with his unique skills and abilities. Bloomberg used his creative and bold style of the leading New York City as mayor. After Rudolph Giuliani was not easy, and yet within a few months, Bloomberg made a clear positive impact on the city. It ends his second term, and the big question, "What next?" "Hide
by Alexander Horniman, Megan Tompkins Kelly Source: Darden School of Business 13 pages. Publication Date: March 16, 2009. Prod. #: UV1441-PDF-ENG

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