Case Analysis: Urban plus Infrabuild: Making Choices for the future Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Analysis: Urban plus Infrabuild: Making Choices for the future Case Solution

1          What are the Key issues the company is facing?

    There are several key issues faced by the company which is mentioned in the case but among those, some issues are very dangerous for the company. Moreover, the basic issue is that the company’s profitability for the first year was not according to the expectation of Sethia. Furthermore, the company was working initially on two business segments. However, both of the segments were related to the residential real estate sector, but the company was working in the resale of property and new booking. Moreover, the owner of the company identified that the resale segment is not as lucrative as he thinks and the segment cannot contribute significant returns to the company to achieve its vision to spread across the whole country in five years. Furthermore, the Human resources of the company were not highly qualified regarding real estate experience since the company was one-year-old and not able to pay high compensations to experienced executives.

    Also, the company was facing another deadly threat which was the increasing competition and the changing mind set of the customers to purchase or book property from that real estate provider who have sufficient pipeline products to choose from and who should have a pioneer location in the region. Finally, one of the company’s sales and marketing executive caught deceptive and guilty, and the CEO of the company was considering his termination. On the other hand, if the CEO terminates the sales executive, he will lose a significant share of business held by that officer. Furthermore, Sethia was also worried about the meeting with the client which was taken to the company by that executive. Conclusively, the company had to decide to switch towards new bookings and shut down its whole business of reselling.Case Analysis Case Solution

2          What are the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of the company?

2.1        Strengths

There are several strengths and weaknesses which lie in the internal structure of the company. The first strength is the quality service of the company since; the company is trying to provide the best possible services to its clients. Furthermore, the strength of the company is the trust of the customers towards the company, because the company was trying to provide less risky investments to its clients to avoid frauds. Also, the company also had a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy which allowed it to keep the customers updated for the upcoming projects.

2.2        Weaknesses

As far as the weaknesses of the company are the concern, it can be said that the basic weakness of the company lacks to setup an office at a pioneer location to deal with lucrative and high position investor. Furthermore, the company is also lacking in proper marketing strategies since the company heavily relied on SEO and internet marketing strategies which are not the only way to create awareness.

3          What are the potential Opportunities and Threats which the company has?

3.1        Opportunities

There are several opportunities which the company has, however; the first opportunity is the increasing trend of new bookings and the growth of this particular segment in Gurgaon, furthermore, the company can expand business in this segment which will help the firm to pursue aggressive growth in the region. Moreover, the company can also expand this business across the country since; this business is also increasing across the country. Also, the company also has a great opportunity to shifts its office towards a pioneer location in the city and can easily target elite class investors................

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