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All Record in One Place:

One of the most important scopes of CPOE is the provision of an extensive place to maintain records of medication and drug dosage over a larger period of time. Interestingly, all the records can be seen only in one place, which was not possible in an outdated paper system for keeping records.

Training of Medical Staff:

Since CPOE requires technical skills for its operation. Both physician and nursing staff would be armed with latest technological expertise, with the help of commencement of CPOE program.

Integrated System:

CPOE needs to collaborate with other already operating information mechanisms of the hospital, in order to fulfill its commitment of reduction in medication blunders. Thus it can be said that CPOE is an integrated system.

Other Departments Remain Ingenious:

Electronic drug record system has the ability to eliminate the disturbance in the departments that are not linked with prescribing medication and providing drugs. Therefore departments like administration and human resources remain unaffected.


  1. Break-down of training program for the clinical staff along with the provision of manuals:

The break-down of the training program for clinical staff will be based on three domains, for the purpose of better understanding the training programs. These three training domains are:(Jhpiego Corporation Brown’s Wharf, 2010):

Knowledge: To understand the information provided by the learners, in order to understand the key functions and features of COPE system for better and effective use.

Skills: To learn the psychomotor, communication and clinical decision making skills from the experts, by receiving the feedback from them. The feedback might be the result of some physical examination, therapy initiation or any developed activities.

Attitudes: The trainees might learn the way to handle different clients by observing the behaviors and way of interaction of their trainers with the clients, which helps to develop a professional attitude and demeanor. These are the main necessities to provide the high quality services.

  1. Elimination of traditional paper charts as a form of medication orders:

The CPOE project will eliminate the traditional method to place the medication orders which includes the written paper prescriptions along with the verbal and fax placing order by delivering the electronically method of placing the orders, along with the laboratory, admissions of medical students or interns, referral, radiology and procedural orders.

  1. Hiring of technical personnel to bolster the health records department in managing the system effectively:

The next deliverable for CPOE system installation is the hiring of competent employees, who can easily run and manage the functions of CPOE by maintaining the health records for the department and manage it effectively.

  1. Reports to the government as an indicator of meeting MU requirements for CPOE:

The deliverable must possess the list in which the government rules and regulations are mentioned, related to the installation of CPOE system at Middleboro Community Hospital along with the check list in which, the column contains the tick marks that all the government rules and regulations are not breached in the COPE system installation.

  1. Training manuals and relevant personnel for the different categories of clinical staff:

The last but most important deliverable must contains the training program to the relevant staff members in order to get the maximum benefits from COPE system. The training enables the personals to handle the difficult work in an efficient way.

Key Milestones:

Following are the crucial milestones that must be achieved in order to implement the computerized physician order entry successfully:

Recruitment and Selection:

CPOE is an electronic system for recording the medication orders,which requires the users with technical know-how. Therefore, it is imperative to initiate a recruitment derive to pool a large number of personnel who must possess technical expertise. So, it would be the first crucial milestone that is obliged to be accomplished within the first month of the project.

Training and Development:

After selecting the technical personnel; their training and development is second most important milestone to be achieved, after the third month of installing essential hardware. Training is not only required to make the workforce aware of this new system, but also for changing their reluctant attitude toward new system of CPOE.

Transition of Conventional Paper Work:

Last milestone for Middleboro Community Hospital is to accomplish is the transformation of existing obsolete system of paper-based work into fully established electron system, within the total project installation period of nine months.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Project Manager:

The main responsibility of the manager is to provide the oversight management function to assure the quality of the installation. The quality can be assured in many ways, such as:

  • By configuring the various necessary tools during the project installation.
  • Monitoring all the activities and assuring that all are done effectively.
  • Evaluating the project plan to identify the risks and potential issues for the stakeholders
  • Communicating the plan with all the stakeholders in order to acknowledge them about all the project issues that might occur.
  • Building a strong relationship with the team members, in order to mitigate the communication barrier issues.

More of it, the recruitment of competent personals for the project is the responsibility of the project manager, because he knows better that what skills are required to deliver an efficient performance. Along with it, the managers have a responsibility to ensure the hardware deployment and achievement of deliverables on time.

Clinical Support Staff Coordinator:

The roles and responsibilities of clinical support staff coordinators are to maintain the monitoring of project plans, schedules, working hours, budgets, expenditures and training of clinical staff members. Furthermore, the main responsibility of the coordinator is to demonstrate the systems for the staff in order to check the validity,which will also be helpful in providing training to the clinical staff members.

Human Resource Coordinator:

The roles and responsibilities of human resources coordinator is to manage the employees related to the following aspects:

  • Working hours.
  • Project schedules.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Policy formulation and adoption.
  • Risk management.
  • Selection of relevant employees.
  • Rules and regulations of quality assurer.


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