Leadership and Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


A Few Good Men has displayed an admirable and tremendous form of the management and leadership through a verity of the renowned characters. The film has related with and highlighted the importance of the change from the self-centered to the selfless leadership.

However, one can connect the film to various types of the leadership. In addition to this, the film contains numerous examples which can be applied in the business. The management and leadership issues raised by the film are illustrated below:

A film is very good model of the Milligram experiment which focuses on the conflict and disagreement between personal conscience and obedience to authority. Also, it states that the ordinary and decent acting people would unquestioningly perform the appallingactions within the hierarchy of the organization.  According to the Colonel Nathan Jessup, the red code (it is a form of the negative or extreme reinforcement) has to be given to one who does not follow orders and easily break chain of command. In the film, according to the members of the unit, thechain of command has been broken by the officers who have dared to not follow the orders given by the senior officers. The leadership has failed because the leaders had not successfully attempted for others to critically follow the rules being imposed by the senior officers (McLeod, 2007).

Leadership and Management Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In addition to this, the leaders are honest and thus demand honesty in return; Lieutenant (junior grade) Daniel Kaffee has demanded Colonel Nathan Jessup to say the truth regarding the order of code red. This is most important quality of the leadership that has to be followed because if leader does not trust his team and if team does not trust their leader, the chances of success would be lower (Porath, 2015).

Furthermore, even though Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Markinsonintended to help the lawyer i.e. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee but due to the Base Commander, Nathan Jessup, has become afraid to help him because no one could have argued on the decision of the Jessup. Due to the autocratic leadership style, the people were unable to give their opinions because of the lack of consultancy between people and leader; this in turn resulted in frustrated or suffocated employees within anorganization(Hull(, Learn to Become a Less Autocratic Manager, 2015). The employees could become less creative in respect to their allocated work; also the personal bias of the leader would lead to loss for the organization (Hull, 2015).

The autocratic leadership style has failed and put the Bank of England into trouble when the governor of the bank has warned regarding the growing deficit which has been causing maximum embarrassment to the prime minister i.e. Gordon Brown. This mistake has also spoken to the management style of Mr. King. He has contemplated and decided to lead the bank in the autocratic style once the bank tend to be organized by the prime minister of the bank at the treasury. Undoubtedly, Mr. King is intellectually self-reliant, impatient of opposition and is self-sufficient as well.......................

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