Dropbox Company Pricing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Dropbox Company Pricing Case Study Solution

Table.1 Market Performance Profile



Market Share
StorageFile Sync.File SharingSecurity
Google drive107673034.72%
One Drive67942610.94%

Comparison of Dropbox Pricing with Its Competitors

On the basis of above highlighted consumer perceived benefits of Dropbox as well as its competitors and consumer perceived pricing of their each products, three value maps have been constructed according to which Dropbox lies on the value equivalence line VEL relative to its personal plan. While in standard product pricing, Dropbox is positioned below the VEL, which is known as value-advantaged position. But here One Drive also lies below not only the VEL but also the Dropbox. Contrary, Box is positioned above the VEL which is called as value-disadvantages position. Lastly, as per the advanced pricing plan Dropbox fall below the VEL but positioned above the One Drive. Overall pricing map denotes that Google Drive stood first in value map, Dropbox second and One Drive third while Box is lagging behind.



Appendix-1: Value Maps

Personal Plan Pricing

Standard Plan Pricing

Advance Plan Pricing


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