Mayor Anthony Williams and Performance Management in Washington, DC Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mayor Anthony Williams and Performance Management in Washington, DC Case Solution


Anthony Williams was elected mayor of Washington, DC in November 1998. Although its fiscal picture has improved, it has lacked the equipment and systems to deliver high quality city services. He faces two challenges to formulate a method to ensure voters understand the extent of the development and to enhance the quality of city services. With both in thoughts, Williams and his top aides develop a brand new system to direct city authorities.

This case describes the layout and execution of the DC performance measurement system, with special focus on several specific sections. The case is designed, especially, to help pupils comprehend the difference between results and outputs, a differentiation augmented by evaluation and a review of the targets set by the city sections featured in the case. Data supplied in displays supplies a vehicle for strengthening the end product/results differentiation-and the propensity of public sector agencies to see outputs as an end in them.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE



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