Maybelline Inc.: About Face Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

STP Analysis


The company has segmented the market on the basis of demographics for the growing middle and upper class in the United States and simultaneously in the other countries as well. The demographics include youngster aging from 16-25, working women aging from 26-35 and the career-oriented women above the age of 35. The products of the Maybelline are targeting all these segments through various product categories. The company is targeting females that are outgoing and career oriented and are preferred by females by intellectual females as they perceive the brand image of Maybelline as intellectual along with stylish and charming.  In terms of product segmentation, the company has a strong hold in the eye and lip segments, but has failed continuously in the face segment for which the company has to take some further steps.

apple tv case study solution

apple tv case study solution

Target Market

The company’s major target market is the young females aging from16-25 as this target market gives the company broad audience to target. The company can reach a mass audience with diversified behaviors and career specifications. Some of them are young teenage girls while the other half represents the young females entering the corporate world or getting married. The common trait between these groups is the desire to look beautiful and to be recognized as stylish and charming. The target market of Maybelline can relate the products with their personality that is a major benefit and describes the efficient targeting of the company.


The company has strongly positioned itself as a brand that enhances your beauty and gives you delicate care. The methods the company has used to position itself in the mind of the consumers or target market reflects the impressive use of point of parity and point of difference. The company is in the cosmetics industry, so the product of this industry is expected to deliver beauty that is the point of parity.

The company emphasized in its positioning that the product of Maybelline enhances your beauty. On the other hand, the company offers subtle care that is the point of difference which the company is using in its products.

Marketing Mix

The company’s marketing mix identifies the company’s offerings and the prices at which the company is offering its products. Besides that, it also identifies the company’s placement strategy and the promotion strategy as well.


The company has product offerings in four different categories that include eye makeup category, lips, nail, and face. The offerings in the eye and lips categories have high demand and are the major reason of the company’s overall success and helped the company in gaining market leadership. The company offers a variety of products in the two categories and offers various benefits to its customers through their products. On the other hand, the company has to build a strong reputation in the face category which it tried to build but failed thrice.


The company is pricing its products reasonably and is perceived as a low priced brand. The major reason towards low pricing is the advantage of low production cost the company is enjoying. The price range of the products in the eye makeup category is $4-$10 while in the lip makeup category’s price range is $4-$14. On the other hand, the nail makeup category’s price range is also starting from $4 and ends at $8.5 but in the face category the price range starts from $7 and ends at $24.5. This is one of the main reasons that the company is not facing success in the face category as the products in this category are perceived expensive, whereas, the competitors’ prices are relatively low.

Place or Distribution

The company has used different channels of distribution besides traditional retailing.  First of all, the company has efficiently occupied shelf spaces at the traditional retail stores and used the retailing channels effectively.

Furthermore, the company has used major superstores and cosmetic stores as well and made the availability easily accessible in order to target the mass market. On the other hand, the company’s target market represents a larger share of teenage girls studying in high school and colleges. Therefore, the company opened stores near colleges.


The company has utilized the promotional and advertising techniques very efficiently, which was due to its strong media presence that played a vital role in making the brand image strong. On the other hand, the company has used special events as well for promotion and to encourage the brand awareness distributed coupons and giveaways at these events. Besides that, the company has utilized the approach of Co-marketing and used Apple and MTV as a major partner in this approach................................

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