Marketing Planning at Just Us! Cafes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Just Us! is a coffee Roasters Cooperative which was jointly founded by Debbie and Jeff Moore. Headquarter of Just Us!  is located in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. Canada is amalgamated under the Cooperative Association Act (CAA) as the first company with a fair trade coffee roaster in Canada.

Just Us! has a vision to be the market leader and perform the activities in a fair trade business that highlights and focuses on the quality, equality, proficiency and modernism to satisfy all its stakeholders, whereas the mission of Just Us! Cafes is entrenched in legitimacy, collaboration, community, instinct and justice.

Just us! offers vast list of products out of which it mainly deals in products such as Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Sugar, Muffins, Cookies, Soup, Lemon squares, Pies, Carrot cake, Brownies to supermarket chains, health food stores, coffee shops and churches. Just Us! not only deals in products, but it also offers services like fair trade public lectures, cinemas, etc. Just Us! has four Cafes in Nova Scotia, Canada located in Grand Pre, Wolf Ville, Halifax and Barrington Street.

The market dimensions for tea and coffee are growing rapidly which requires the firm to invest more on their expansion plans. The market potential for the cafés is strong as an individual below the age of 44 is the target customer as they are more socially responsible.

As a result of that,the business stands for Just Us! as it has received many awards for its efficient business operations, which have been beneficial for the community and the owners. They have won awards such as EK chamber of commerce Award as a Best "Large" firm in Kings County, Ethics Award Acadia University President Award for Entrepreneur etc.

Situation Summary:

The Moores have maintained a strong brand name for the Café. They have successfully been able to educate the customers regarding their business operations and the core values in which they believe in conveying to their customers.

They have been operating their business operations efficiently enough to constantly secure a positive growth pattern. Moores have mainly focused upon building a strong brand identity in the minds of the customers.

The partners are planning to grow their distribution channel grocery stores. In order to achieve the desired goals, the management has opened four new cafés and for starters it has distributed products on different university campuses. The business of Just Us! is growing as the brand is expanding its operations into different dimensions. Despite the increased growth rate, the sales are reducing. Not only the sales, but the climatic changes in Canada are worrying the founders. The competition is also posing threats to the retailer as several existing competitors are continuously threatening the operations of Just Us! Cafés.

To meet the changing situations of the market, Moores have hired a new marketing director for incorporating the distinctive fair trade practices, ethical purchasing and social entrepreneurship. Moores are expecting the newly appointed marketing director to combine these unique associations with growth driven marketing decisions and tailor a marketing plan that will amalgamate the marketing plan of coffee shop operations.

Critical Issues:

The coffee shop has expanded its operations into grocery stores to increase their distribution channel. They have opened four new stores that have increased the growth of the retailer however;it has reduced the level of sales. The café has been successfully generating revenues, attracting and influencing the customers however,due to the opening of new stores the company has to invest in marketing. The owners have to tailor new marketing plans for their expansion programs. Moores are well aware of the situation at hand and they have hired a new marketing director. The job of the new marketing director is to incorporate the core values of the shop with suitable marketing decisions.

The owners plan to target new customers with newly tailored marketing plans. The newly appointed director has to efficiently design a marketing plan, which successfully translates the company’s values with the growing trend of the company.

JU has a number of assets placed already. The coffee shop owners are finding it difficult as to what measure they must take to increase and build on the assets they currently have.

Analysis of Alternatives:


The owners can attempt to start a joint venture with a fellow competitor who follows the same guidelines and has near to same core value as the coffee shop. JU should efficiently choose from its competitors, with which one of them a joint venture would be most suitable for the firm........................

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